As part of the “Musical Muto”, an Italian show that integrates live music with original scores by contemporary composers with Italian and international masterpieces of silent cinema, UNM, Unione Musicisti e Artisti Italiani ( launches the first edition of the “Film Festival reserved for silent short films” to be put to music live.

The intent is to make the most of video creativity, in line with the great season of the Mute Cinema, to create a synergy with the musical interpretation performed live.

The review, scheduled in Naples from 30 September to 28 October 2019, avails itself of the moral patronage of the University of Naples Federico II, of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa and of the University of Naples L’Orientale.


The competition is reserved for young people, of all nationalities, between 18 and 30 years old, and is divided into four thematic sections:

  1. Sport;
  2. Love and Feelings;
  3. Tourism and Cultural Heritage;
  4. Social commitment


The movie must not contain any audio tracks;

  • maximum duration of 15 minutes;
  • The work must be presented in black / white (any color change is accepted);
  • The video must be accompanied by subtitles in Italian;
  • The recommended works are exclusively unpublished.

Each author can participate with a maximum of one work. For all sections, the works will be selected by the selection committee of the Festival, which, at its sole discretion, will fix the programming dates according to the needs of the Festival. The Festival selection committee


Each author must complete an entry form.

The participation form was in pdf format (signed), duly signed, in the case of electronic transmission. Sending the registration form implies automatic acceptance of this regulation, also available in English.


  • WeTransfer (email:
  • Email: with the link of the work loaded with downloadable youtube / vimeo.
  • Register for Filmfreeway and other platforms

Free subscription

The shipping costs are a load of the participants.


Of all the works received, the selection committee of MusicalMuto will designate the admitted works. The authors / producers of the selected works will receive a communication via email.

The Jury, composed of representatives of the film and cultural (artistic and academic) world, will assign the following prizes to the winner:

  • Award of € 500;
  • Plate of Musical Mute;
  • Realization of the soundtrack, unpublished, performed live at the inauguration of MusicalMuto 2020;
  • DVD production and inclusion of the work with the soundtrack in the online and offline circuits of the Italian Artists and Musicians Union.

The jury, in its sole discretion, may assign three special mentions.

Events Calendar and Deadlines

The deadline for sending the works is fixed no later than 15 September 2019. The list of works selected by category will be published by

on 21 September 2019 on the social channels and on the Festival website.

The winner will be announced during the final evening of the MusicalMuto festival.

The schedule, the times of the screenings and the program will be published on the site The calendar of events may undergo changes that will be communicated through social channels and on the site.


Each author assumes responsibility for the content of his works and declares that he owns every right (direct and indirect) over the work itself.

The registration and acceptance of these regulations imply the authorization:

  • to the public screening of the works entered during MusicalMuto,
  • to their storage in the MusicalMuto video archive,
  • future use, with the prior consent of the author and / or production, for public screenings for educational, social and cultural purposes.
  • possible publication of their data on the event website, on promotional material and dissemination to the press for promotional purposes.

The copies sent will not be returned and will become part of the MusicalMuto video archive. The authors and / or productions of the works sent authorize the screening and broadcasting (TV, online) of sequences of the works for promotional purposes. event (up to 2 minutes for any work presented at the festival).

The selected and non-selected works will not be copied, duplicated or presented outside the official venues of the event. The producers and distributors of all the winning works are invited to make a gift of an HD copy which will be deposited at the MusicalMuto archive, intended for preservation purposes excluding any commercial use. Any form of propaganda after the announcement of the program by MusicalMuto must, by explicit commitment of the participants, indicate participation in the aforementioned event with its section and the official logo prepared and provided by the organization. The winning works of a prize must also contain the indication of the recognition obtained according to the official graphics prepared and provided by the MusicalMuto organization.

The authors of the works admitted to the competition will be invited to accompany their film at the Festival. Travel, board and lodging expenses will be borne by the participants.

The personal data of the participants pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the processing of personal data will be processed by external parties in full compliance with the law and will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties. The communication of your email address expresses your consent to the processing of data by the organization for the sole purpose of receiving information relating to MusicalMuto and its initiatives.

This regulation may be subject to additions and / or modifications for the best outcome of the event.

For information: